Copleston Centre 40th Anniversary Concert

On May 12th at 7:30pm we’ll be appearing at the Copleston Centre 40th anniversary concert. Read more here, Facebook event here

Music by the Green

On May 13th at around 2:30pm, we’re taking part in Music by the Green. More info here, Facebook event here

Brockley Max

On June 9th Koruso! are organising our very own concert as part of Brockley Max. Starting at 5pm we’ll be singing a wide range of new music and classics from our repertoire. Tickets £5. See more here and on Facebook!



Love is in the Air!

To celebrate our 10th year as choir, our big event of the Spring will be a concert in St Luke’s Church Peckham. We will be joined by Love Volcano and SCOre – The South Circular Orchestra. More details here!