Our Christmas Concert – a view from the stalls…


Two members of the audience who came to our Christmas concert on December 12th felt moved to email us – here is what they said.

We thoroughly enjoyed the Koruso! Christmas Concert in Rotherhithe – in the gorgeous old church of St Mary’s. Both choir and orchestra were in excellent form and they all looked so harmonious in their black outfits with splashes of colour provided by shawls, ties and rosettes. I hope they managed to raise a fair amount for Bede – the local charity.

The music was lovely, I especially enjoyed the Gaudete (with the responses coming from the Gallery at the back of the church) and Night Time in Bermondsey – and Tim loved the Hallelujah Chorus. And what a lovely venue. (Oh, and we both liked the audience being invited to join in with the Glorias though we both have different excelses – Tim learnt ex-chelsis and I learnt ex-kelsis and now we have egg-shellses as instructed by your dashing musical director Andrew!!!)

It was just the thing to set us up for Christmas! Thank you very much from the audience…..

Many thanks Alison and Tim. Happy Christmas to you and to all our friends and supporters.