One Day One Choir and a Very Special Rehearsal!

After a great first rehearsal on the 14th, our year starts with a lovely warmup performance next Thursday for International Day of Peace.

Next Thursday, on the 21st of September Koruso! is delighted to take part in One Day One Choir, which invites choirs all over the world to sing for peace and form part of a ‘global choir’.

We plan to start our second rehearsal as normal and head to Peckham Peace Wall, Peckham Square, SE15, for 8pm to sing some of our most fun and easy songs in the name of peace.

If you were considering joining us, this might be the perfect time. If you want to come down and see us in action, come by Peckham Peace Wall, Peckham Square, SE15 from 8 to 8.30 pm on Thursday. We’d love to see you there!

You can follow @onedayonechoir on twitter and instagram and the hashtag #onedayonechoir on twitter, facebook, instagram or wherever you get your social media!

About One Day One Choir


One Day One Choir is an inspiring global peace initiative which uses the harmonious power of singing together to unite people around the world on Peace Day, September 21st.
We’d love you to join in too please, to add your voices to our growing ‘global choir’ for peace and to help make a difference where you live by bringing people together in your community to sing with a focus on unity and peace and how we might find ways to work towards it – peace at home, at school, in our work places and communities – and around the world.
Any group of any size, age, talent, style or mix can join in and you can choose what kind of song/s you’d like to sing. All that matters is that it works for peace and unity and it works for you.
Our aim is to create the largest ‘choir’ in the world, singing for unity and peace, by 2018 – so we need you to help us by singing, supporting and sharing.

Social share!

Please, sign up to sing with us on Peace Day and share what you are doing, and our project, with as many other friends, singers, community, choir, social and school groups as you can – and on social media using #onedayonechoir.