Koruso! on tour – May 2014

ChoirUnderFire- Feb 2013 Previous performance

We are off to Langenhagen, Germany in May to sing with our sister choir – Choir Under Fire. The two choirs represent a musical partnership located in the twinned towns of Southwark, England and Langenhagen, Germany.

This overseas tour is a first for the choir – although we have performed across London and the south east – we have not yet sung overseas.

Choir Under Fire previously visited London in February 2013 for a joint performance with Koruso! at one of our favourite local venues – St Peter’s Walworth and it was a wonderful experience for both choirs.

Margaret Muoria wrote about concert:

The two choirs positively raised the rafters here at St Peter’s Church in Walworth under the direction of their musical directors,Andrew for Koruso! and Andreas for Choir Under Fire.  Aside from their roles with the choirs, both hold other positions of prestige in the world of music, so it was our honour and pleasure to benefit from their wonderful arrangements and conducting on that night.  The highlight of the evening was a joint performance by Koruso! and Choir Under Fire, united in song as they sang ‘An Hellen Tagen’ and  ‘A Taste of London Life’

After two years in the making this wonderfully moving, exciting and harmonious evening was proof once again of what can be achieved by the collaboration of hearts and minds where there is a will for peace and love – and singing!

The choirs get on really well – language barriers not a problem.  Most of the choir speak excellent English and only a few of us speak any German.

Note to self: must get that German phrase book out!

Can’t wait for our trip in May – it’s going to be great!