It’s Thursday evening, 6.15 and I’m at my desk……


It’s Thursday evening, 6.15 and I’m at my desk……

It’s Thursday evening, 6.15 and I’m working in my office at home. The alarm clock sounds, and I breathe a sigh of relief. I put down my pen, close the laptop, grab my black folder and I’m out the door and off to Oliver Goldsmiths Primary School, happy in the knowledge that for the next two hours I will relax, enjoy and escape from the stresses of the week.

Its nine months now since I first moved to Peckham. Not knowing many people in the area, joining a choir seemed like a great solution to both expand my social circle and endulge my passion for singing. I had been a member of many choirs throughout the last few years, both in London and my home city of Dublin. So it was with great delight that I discovered on-line that Koruso rehearsed within walking distance of my new home. I emailed the choir membership secretary, Junie, who got back to me promptly with details of the venue, and the choir, adding ‘we are very friendly bunch of people’. This wasn’t an exaggeration. From the beginning of the first rehearsal, Junie took me under her wing for the evening, introducing me to other members, helping me gather the correct music sheets and overall making me feel as welcome as she possibly could. I even was invited by our musical director, Andrew, to join the choir on the upcoming trip to Langenhagen in Germany. I walked home with a spring in my step, humming to myself some of the new tunes I had learned that evening.

Since then, Thursday evenings have become one of the highlights of my week. Within the fast pace that is London life, two hours with the Koruso! choir is the perfect antidote in an otherwise often hectic week. Our members come from different backgrounds, different cultures and are of all ages. Besides the friendly, fun atmosphere that this provides, the repertoire of songs is varied from contemporary to traditional ballads and every member is sure to find a song that speaks to them. The enthusiasm of our musical director is contagious and the hard work and dedication of the committee members is inspiring, so much so that I put myself forward as Performance and Venue Officer for this year, a role which I am really enjoying. Beyond this, joining Koruso! is a great way to get to know the Peckham community, whether it be through our performances in different local venues or through our collaborations with various other local groups.

All in all, I highly recommend getting involved if you can in some way. Come along for a taster rehearsal (it’s free!) or come and see us perform. Either way your guaranteed an evening of good music and good fun!