Human Kind – a very special evening at the Union Chapel

Koruso! joined with several other community choirs to take part in a very special worldwide musical event in support of Musicians without Borders,Music Action International and Amnesty International at the Union Chapel, Islington.  We took part in a performance of ‘Human Kind’ – a song specially commissioned for this event and including solo artists and musicians.  The work will be edited to include contributions from across the world and released later this year.  The story of how and why this came about can be found at the common and kind website.

Journalist and radio presenter Robin Lustig spoke about the performance, …” when they all returned to the stage to perform Human Kind, joined by a 200 strong choir in the gallery of the Union Chapel, something special happened.  Their voices and their hearts seemed to come together in a true celebration of humanity, a demonstration of the power of music to connect people across borders and across genres.”

You will be able to hear the result later this year, when the video is released. Check our the Common and Kind website where you can find out about the charity that has been established to build on the success of the concert.

For Koruso! it was a thrilling event and we look forward to watching the video later this year.