New term, new songs, 10th Anniversary!

Join us as we celebrate our 10th anniversary as Koruso! – Southwark Community Choir.

10th anniversaries are recognised with gifts of tin or aluminum. The pliability of tin and aluminum is a symbol of how a successful marriage needs to be flexible and durable and how it can be bent without being broken.  The same can be said of a successful choir.

Join us at one of our 10th Anniversary performances and find out what makes Koruso! such a great choir to sing in and to watch.  And if you would like to become a member – just contact us on 07539 525 559 or email us:

Koruso’s Autumn term starts September 14th – why not join us and become part of one of the most fun and exciting community choirs in London!


Term dates 2017/2018

  • Autumn Term:      14th September – 7th December  2017
    Half-term 26th October
  • Spring Term:        4th January – 22nd March 2018
    Half-term 15th February
  • Summer Term:     19th April – 12th July 2018
    Half-term 31st May